On The Bus

NovoTrax takes the guesswork out on bus arrival times and who is actually on the school bus.

Details :

NovoTrax gives accurate real-time tracking data. Bus arrival times are no longer in question. Who is on the bus and who is not on the bus is no longer in question.

NovoTrax lets school administrators and parents see if a particular child is riding on the school bus and lets them see the exact location of the school bus as it drives down the road.

Student assets accidentally left on the bus are quickly located and identified so they can be quickly returned to the owners. Assets accidentally left on the bus are quickly located and identified.

NovoTrax is safe and secure and keeps all person's names and identifications private. Only authorized parties have access to personal information.

NovoTrax comes with a powerful fleet management tool that tracks bus mileage and maintenance helping to keep the bus fleet in tip-top shape.

NovoTrax has the most advanced tracking technology on the market. Insist on NovoTrax!

Insist on NovoTrax!

Protecting our children is our highest priority. NovoTrax helps make school a safe place for students and staff. Know where your child is every minute in the school building, on the school bus, or somewhere in the school yard perimeter. Keep your kids safe - insist on NovoTrax in your school district!

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