Smart ERP

Smart ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

Details :

Make Smart Data-Driven Decisions, Elevate & Accelerate Performance, Optimize Processes with NovoTrax Smart ERP

NovoTrax Smart ERP has a wide range of feature suitable for many business particularly distributed businesses in a wholesale, distribution and manufacturing environment. When combined with a 3rd party interactive desktop Point of Sale System with a Rewards program it can form the hub of a dispersed multi-branch retail management system.

It will help to standardize processes, contain costs and provide increased visibility to decision makers across multiple business locations and users with no cost to global deployments. NovoTrax Smart ERP is the Best in Class where functionality, ease of use, speed truly supports the business and adds True Value to your organization. In addition to that our Total Cost of Ownership, Ability to Tailor Functionality without Programming along with True integrated products and great support is a differentiating factor.

Positive Decisions Influencing Factors are: Lower cost of ownership, minimal up front cost mainly coming out of your maintenance budget now, reduced cost and effort of upgrades, ease and reduced time to implementation with no global cost of deployment, Reduced need of IT resources, Best fit Solution and pay as you go.

Designed and Developed with very specific goals in mind. These goals have consistently underpinned development since its inception:

  • Fast, Secured Web-Based, integrated “Best Practice” Business Administration Software Available on Any Device, At Anytime and Anywhere.
  • “Low Footprint” Efficient and Fast, with Absolutely Minimal Network Traffic over a Secured Virtual Private Network with Identity Protection
  • Platform Independence with no reliance on any Propriety Technologies with complete integration
  • Scripts Easily Readable and Modifiable by any Business.

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