Smart Inventory Management

Smart Inventory Management

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Ever wonder what parts or supplies you have on hand? Do you ever run out of supplies and find that you are waiting on parts or materials to complete your work? Ever have to “special order” or pay “acceleration fees” because you are missing valuable materials and in your inventory?

The NovoTrax Smart Inventory Management module lets you know exactly what you have and when to replenish and can even automatically place orders when preset levels are met.

The NovoTrax Smart Inventory Management also tracks vendors and purchase agreement contracts helping you to always get the best price and availability.

With innovative logic and control, the NovoTrax Smart Inventory Management integrated with the NovoTrax Smart Predictive Control module can even predict in advance the levels of inventory requirements of your patients.

The NovoTrax Smart Inventory Management lets you optimize your inventory and provides cost effective “just in time” material management saving you valuable dollars and inventory space.

Having precise knowledge of your inventory status is critical for effective patient flow. Having automated resource leveling with the NovoTrax Smart Inventory Management makes material and inventory management easy!

This is not just some “out of the box” or “one-shoe fits all” application; so let the NovoTrax team of experts custom build a precision inventory management especially for you – NovoTrax is exactly what you need for optimum patient flow and patient satisfaction!

Mobile Solution

NovoTrax works flawlessly with mobile devices, such as Apple and Android, allowing officers and other technicians to get their respective assignments and respond quickly. Efficient and silent communication keeps steady work flow and secures privacy. Also works with single direction and two way paging systems.

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