Smart Patient Care

Smart Patient Transport

Details :

Patient Care Dispatch handles and tracks tasks associated to any patient care assignment. Doctors, nurses, assistants, and other staff can silently and securely receive their assignment while each step of the process is tracked in detail to the very second.

Any task can be prescheduled for a future date. Patient Care Dispatch within NovoTrax helps provide optimum efficiency and improves patient care.

Patient Care Dispatch fully integrates with every other NovoTrax product providing a wide variety of other hospital supporting services with seamless cohesion. Nobody does it better than NovoTrax!

Mobile Solution

NovoTrax works flawlessly with mobile devices, such as Apple and Android, allowing officers and other technicians to get their respective assignments and respond quickly. Efficient and silent communication keeps steady work flow and secures privacy. Also works with single direction and two way paging systems.

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