Smart Records Management (RMS)

Smart RMS - Records Management System

Details :

Smart Records Management System with Powerful Records Creation and Search Functionality

NovoTrax ultra secure cloud-based Smart Records Management solutions address the issue of creating any type of document, adding any time of content, and being able to search and quickly find that document. NovoTrax solutions are ideal for police, fire & rescue, healthcare, or any other organization that must meet high regulatory standards (such as CJIS, HIPAA, SOX and GLBA) regarding data privacy and documentation.

A Records Management System (RMS) is different than a document Management System (DMS) in that a RMS lets you create any type of document for any type of need. A Records Management System creates and documents evidence showing where and when the record was created and also showing who or what is included in the evidence. This is idea for any agency, such as; police, fire & rescue, healthcare, or any other agency that needs collect and retrieve evidence.

The NovoTrax Smart RMS is extremely powerful, yet it is extremely easy to use. Documents can be created by taking pictures, taking a video recording, making an audio recording, or simply speaking into your mobile device. Not only does the picture, video recording, or audio recording have the intended media, but it also has a text file that is created in the background that is 100% searchable. This means that a police officer could take a video of a crime scene while speaking and telling what facts are in the video, but that every word of the police officer is transcribed and placed into the Smart RMS and can be pulled up in a word search, which also pulls up the associated video. This takes away hours of documentation time by not requiring the officer to fill out forms and try to remember what all the video displays. This also makes it easy to find the exact video or audio footage where a particular topic is focused.

Powerful, yet simple is the best way to describe the following functionality:

  • Easily create any type of record or form with a mobile device, such as; eTickets, citations, warrants, notices, warnings, etc.
  • Easily print any type record or form with a portable printer, such as; eTickets, citations, warrants, notices, warnings, etc.
  • All created forms automatically document the longitude, latitude, altitude, date and time, names of person creating the form, and the purpose of the form.
  • Easily scan any type of printed document and accurately OCR convert text into searchable dialog, such as; scanning a newspaper, will, or testimony for evidence.
  • Easily take audio recordings and have searchable text dialog of the content of the audio
  • Easily take video recordings and have searchable text dialog of the content of the video
  • Easily take photographs and have them searchable with text dialog of the content of the photograph
  • Easily create text document by speech to text and have searchable text dialog of the content of the text
  • Advanced Search Techniques and Tag Clouds to assign a Document ID and Meta-Tag to each document for easy access. Search based on criteria or key words. Manage saved searches and index new documents in a unique user specific Dropped Document Folder.
  • Advance Forensic Monitoring allows for Version Control and Transaction History at the document level that allows the document owner to audit who touched a specific document, what modifications, if any, were made and at what specific time was the document affected.
  • Advance Drag and Drop allows for the transferring of files between servers, your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone using easily accessible bookmarks. The owner is notified each time a document is moved into the owner’s folder via email.
  • Advance Optical Character Read to search on hand-written notes or comments on the margins of documents.
  • Document and User Access Control supporting copy, move, archive, delete and change ownership of documents and folders. Bulk Upload and Download features allow you to transfer and exchange large folders and files. Delegated Management and Permission rights provide access control for all users and groups.
  • Folder Access and Exchange that allows for the viewing, uploading and downloading of documents and folders.
  • HTML Viewer allows you to review any document in any format on any device. Preview files with Quick Look before opening them. Convert documents to PDF on the fly.
  • Work-Flow and Collaborate for creating Discussions and Workflow Documents between users. Checkout the document for personal review and editing, or sequence individuals to review and edit documents.
  • Synchronization to establish automatic or on-demand links between your local device and remote directories (& vice versa). Also, synchronize to Google Docs and Amazon Cloudfront.

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