Smart Video Conferencing

Smart Safe Video Conferencing With Secured Document Management

Details :

NovoTrax Smart Conferencing is the best way for teachers to communicate with parents and students in a safe and secure manner with full chain of custody document management. Perfect for teachers tracking student grades, and documenting communication and student performance.


Smart Virtual Class Rooms

NovoTrax Smart Conferencing lets teachers hold safe and secure virtual classrooms with students where learning is accelerated and student achievement is enhanced.

The NovoTrax Smart Conferencing also tracks attendance automatically and can store results in the Smart Document Management System.

Virtual Classroom

Smart Document Management For Teachers

Teachers can track grades, attendance, evaluations, reviews, parent-teacher conferences, and more.

All documents are safely stored in a secured document management system with military-grade encryption and all documents are easily searched and retrieved when needed.

Best of all, the NovoTrax Smart DMS tracks who has seen what document, when they saw the document, how long they looked at the document, and if they printed the document.  The NovoTrax Smart DMS is proof and full chain of custody for who has viewed any document.



Smart Protection for Students and Staff

Physical security and safety of students and teachers is a top priority, and NovoTrax Smart Tracking helps do just that.  Those in authority can know the exact location of all staff members and all students inside of the school, on the school grounds, and while traveling on the school bus.

NovoTrax Smart Tracking can detect unauthorized visitors to the school and can automatically initiate appropriate action, such as; NovoTrax Smart Tracking can detect when a gun, or other dangerous item is removed from a car in the parking lot of the school (before a shooter goes in the school) and can automatically dispatch the police before a shot is fired.

NovoTrax Smart Tracking can automatically determine if a child is listed in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and can automatically initiate appropriate action.

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