Incidence & Mass Notification

Incidence & Mass Notification

Details :

NovoTrax Biz is the powerful Mass Notification System by NovoTrax that puts business leaders, employees, police, fire & rescue, and medical responders all on the same informational page.

NovoTrax Biz is a powerful and scalable alert system that lets businesses add more features as their needs grow, including; The powerful NovoTrax AI weapons detection in the parking lot, employee and staff real-time location tracking, automatic door locks, and door-propped open detection. NovoTrax Biz even offers a  “live room” camera view for real-time monitoring of activity on the plant floor and at work sites.

NovoTrax Biz seamlessly connects parents to selected information sharing.  All communication is documented and searchable.

All stakeholders can effectively communicate with any other stakeholder.

All notification activity is documented as to who, what, when, and where any notification was sent, and to who, what, when, and where any notification was received.

NovoTrax Biz is the most powerful and affordable Mass Notification System on the market that lets businesses grow and expand as needed with many other advanced features.

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