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Empower Your Team – Win More Business

Smart CRM, Customer Relationship Management is all about how you want to touch your Prospects and Customers. Companies that make the calls at the right time, with the right information and the right people will win the business – simple right? NO, it is critical your sales and marketing teams have the tools that foster the relationship throughout each phase of the sales cycle while ensuring it is being done in the most efficient and productive manner. NovoTrax understands a key element in achieving efficiency and productivity is simplicity. Our comprehensive Smart CRM solution goes beyond the boundaries of traditional CRM solutions by including features that will differentiate your sales team from the laundry list of competitors, and empower the sales and marketing teams to collaborate in a simple environment to form winning strategies. Every sales person would want the following Sales Arsenal of weapons to go in to battle:


Smart Sales Team Automation

  • Lead, Contact, and Opportunity Management to pursue new business, share sales information, track deal progress, and record deal-related interactions.
  • Account Management capabilities to provide a single view of customers across products, geographies, and status.
  • Activity Management for emails, tasks, calls, and meetings

Smart Marketing Automation

  • Lead Management for tracking and cultivating new leads
  • Email Marketing for touching prospects and customers with relevant offers
  • Campaign Management for tracking campaigns across multiple channels
  • Campaign Wizard to walk users through the process of gathering information such as the marketing channel, targets, and budget needed to execute a campaign effectively
  • Campaign Reporting to analyze the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Web-to-Lead Forms to directly import campaign responses into NovoTrax to capture leads
  • Email Auto-responder allows for rapid automatic response from prospect inquires to start the important communication flow.
  • Automatic Scrub flags the rejected email addresses and can be set to delete those addresses to continue to refine your databases.
  • Importer/Exporter to handle any email distribution list as a .csv or .txt file.

Smart Conferencing Web/Video

  • Email Invitations are sent by simply using the email address of your attendees. Once an invitation is accepted, the meeting will be automatically added to the participant’s NovoTrax and Outlook calendars.
  • Meetings and Webinars with up to 1000 Participants so you can have all of the right people in attendance.
  • Display and Share any document by simply pulling up the file (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, web pages and more) you want to share with your audience. You can also send files to any single meeting participant.
  • Meeting Privacy gives you complete control over who can see your screen. When locked, viewers must knock to enter and you decide who can join.
  • Control Sharing if you wish to share controls, just click a button. Click again to stop sharing.
  • Audio Broadcasting that allows you to use the NovoTrax free conference call number or your own.
  • Text Messaging to one or all to keep your audience engaged.
  • Complete Security using “above military grade” 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Host or Participate in the Webinar using a PC, Mac, Smart Phone or any Tablet.
  • Proprietary SSL Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN) utilizing NovoTrax Tunneling Technology that will allow secure web-conferencing from any location throughout the Globe.

Smart Social Business

  • Instant Messaging to improve team collaboration.
  • Chat to encourage cross-functional collaboration.
  • Content Syndication to consolidate third-party information sources.
  • Private Wikis allowing communal development of a company’s knowledge base.
  • Integrated Social Media enabling communication through LinkedIn.
  • Link and Sync with your email, Google & Outlook calendars. Seamlessly access your documents, client agreements, presentations and worksheets that reside on our Customer Document Management.
  • Company Portal to create a central repository and communication hub to ensure the entire organization is sharing and working with the same information to eliminate confusion.
  • Capture and Save the dialogue being produced from your various channel of Social Business to ensure proper documentation is being maintained for policy and compliance purposes.

Smart Administration

  • Authorization Setting to establish individual user access rules and rights.
  • Edit user settings, views, and layouts quickly in a single location.
  • Reporting for easily customizing Dashboards, Reports, Graphs at the User, Department and Administrator level.
  • Studio capabilities to customize the application to meet the exact needs of your organization.
  • Module Builder to create custom modules and to add Home Grown Applications.
  • Smart Conversion Toolkit to move data from, ACT! and Goldmine with the click of a button.

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